J. Todd Barrett, RPh

Managing Partner

Todd is a registered pharmacist and holds licenses in multiple states. He has practiced for over three decades in all aspects of pharmacy including hospital pharmacy, retail pharmacy, long-term care pharmacy, and specialty pharmacy. He served on the Mississippi Medicaid Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee, Mississippi Pharmacists Association Governmental Affairs Committee, as president of the MS Pharmacists Association, president of the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy, and other associations. He currently serves as secretary of the MS Board of Pharmacy and other subcommittees of the board. He also serves on two non-profit boards, as board secretary of African Bible Colleges, and on the session of his local church. Currently, he is Managing Partner of Intelaform Services, LLC and president of Providence Health Technologies, LLC (PHT). 

Intelaform is an analytics provider and performs audit services on behalf of insurance carriers, self-insurers, and healthcare payors. PHT develops system solutions and performs software development for healthcare systems and pharmaceutical suppliers and dispensers. Recently, PHT conducted a research pilot for FDA to determine the readiness and ability of small dispensers (pharmacies) to comply with recent legislative mandates related to drug supply chain integrity.

Recently, Todd served as CEO of T1 — a healthcare provider using telehealth as a tool to improve access to healthcare and patient outcomes. T1 aims to improve patient care, lower healthcare costs, and provide access to the best providers available.