Pharmacy Claims Reviews for Pharmacies​

The state and federal govermental authorities as well as PBMs, routinely audit pharmacies. We understand - it seems like the cards are stacked against pharmacy owners. You are faced with faced with fees, drawbacks, dwindling reimbursements, and constantly changing compliance requirements. The results of even one audit can be catastrophic, causing losses that set growth back for months. Intelaform is here to help identify potential problems before someone else does.

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Intelaform delivers custom prescription drug management services that are both cost-effective and clinically appropriate. We understand that each client has unique needs and deserves flexible, client-specific solutions, and consistently strive to deliver value and stability to a market where both in short supply.

Intelaforms proprietary Pharmaceutical Database & Claims Monitoring Service is unsurpassed in the identification for claims of potentially fraudulent, counterfeited, or diverted pharmaceutical products.  

Types of Compliance and Audits ​

  • Controlled Substances Act (CSA) Compliance
  • Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Compliance
  • DEA Regulatory Compliance
  • Electronic Prescription Compliance
  • Diversion Control Compliance​​
  • Anti-Kickback Compliance
  • Compound and Specialty Pharmacy Compliance
  • PBM Audits
  • DEA Audits
  • CMS Audits (Including MAC, RAC, and UPIC Audits)
  • Other Federal Audits and Investigations
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