340b Compliance Programs and Audits

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The result of these audits is repayment to manufactures and corrective action. 

Intelaform's highly experienced team provides your covered entity with the necessary visibility to prepare for and maintain a successful 340B program. 

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The Intelaform 340B compliance program aligns with the audit process employed by HRSA.  Intelaform assesses the policies and procedures that are currently in place for compliance, helping to remediate processes and control weakness, effectiveness, and efficiency of the operation of your program. This ensures that you are maximizing the program’s benefits. 

As a Covered Entity, including a self-assessment and internal audit of your 340B processes and procedures is essential. Engaging an expert to conduct an independent assessment of your program’s compliance allows you to identify weaknesses in your program and address them on your own terms. This keeps you within the ever-changing compliance landscape while maximizing your efficiency and profitability.   

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