Intelaform is a Worker’s Compensation Medication Payment Audit Service powered by the Intelaform Pharmaceutical Product Surveillance Monitoring System to improve your PBMs capabilities, save lives and reduce coverage cost.

The Problem


Worker’s Compensation PBM’s do not have critical global market product identification surveillance information that is needed to optimize the PBM for its Clients with 5-6% of PBM claim data that should be adjudicated never been audited.


The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) has added complexity to recording prescription product data which cannot be produced during audit processes so far and without that information being accurate the product can be fraudulent and potentially counterfeit.

The Intelaform Solution


Intelaform provides Worker’s Compensation Medication Payment Audit Services to identify the waste, fraud and abuse of Rx Medications that the PBMs cannot detect because they don’t have the following:

•  Global Master Manufacturer Rx Product Databases

•  Product Identifier Screening Tools

•  Historical auditing systems for counterfeit, diversion and documentation errors/fraud used by Governments to monitor for illegal, secondary/alternative/boutique supply chain product supply chain


Why Intelaform is Unique

Intelaform has 12+ years of experience with this Rx product data analysis for federal and state compliance.​​

•  Intelaform has Global product surveillance experience and Supply Chain audit infrastructure systems required to identify issues.  

•  Intelaform has the audit system procedures used to monitor Global and U.S. Supply Chain Integrity for 12 Top Pharmaceutical companies.

•  Intelaform has the Medication Payment audit systems to correlate the Pharmaceutical product Supply Chain data with claims processing data.

Intelaform Headquarters

Johns Hopkins University

Research and Audit Center @ Hopkins
9601 Medical Center Dr.

Rockville, MD  20850 


T: 800-971-6571

F: 310-294-7010

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