Worker’s Comp Claims

Check out this chart with statistics and gain insight into total claims spend for 2017-2019, and what the projected Worker’s Comp Premiums and Claims was for 2020.

Worker’s Compensation
2017201820192020 Projected
Premiums (Billions)$39.8$47.4$46.0$38.6
Combined Basis89.0%83.0%85.0%86.0%
Total Claims $$35.4$39.3$39.1$33.2
Indemnity 40%$14.2$15.7$15.6$13.3
Medical 60%$21.3$23.6$23.5$19.9
Prescription 12% of Medical$2.6$2.8$2.8$2.4
Intelaform Audit Recoupment 15%$358.5