Our Solution

What infrastructure weaknesses exist within the pharma industry?

 There is a lack of a comprehensive database that can identify non-accredited wholesalers, suspect products and manufacturers, and non-FDA approved prescriptions — and then process that information against submitted claims. The result of this: 5% - 6% of claims have never been audited.

How do new regulations impact pharmacies each year?

When new regulations take effect, they add a layer of complexity for those in the pharmacy ecosystem to verify prescriptions. This makes it difficult for relevant stakeholders to stay current on new regulations, uphold compliance policies, and, ultimately, ensure patient safety.

Intelaform can help prevent the use and distribution of unsafe scripts, lower recoupment costs for patients, and make pharmacies aware of new government regulations to ensure they adhere to all compliance requirements.

Partnering with Intelaform and its proprietary software platform and analytics database is the solution!

What is the Intelaform solution and why is it unique?

Intelaform's database flags suspect products in order to protect patients from receiving unsafe scripts. The database also runs claims against all flagged products in order to determine recoveries/recoupments and ultimately lower the cost for patients. Intelaform also stays current on new regulations, so that dispensers and those in the pharmacy ecosystem stay ahead of the curve.

What is Intelaform's focus on Patient Safety:

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Are medications subject to ‘best practices’ when selected for use?

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Are desired therapeutic goals being achieved?

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Does the process bolster compliance and reduce administrative burdens?



Has the platform been delivered economically from all standpoints to capture value?

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Does the member experience reflect the sponsor’s goals and position them as a leader in the field?