About Us

Intelaform is your experienced and independent partner in prescription cost control and compliance.​

Founded in 2001, Intelaform is a unique, prescription medication payment audit service that implements and executes the top industry practices. Our proprietary database features predictive analytic capabilities that analyze Rx data for suspect products, while comparing this information to other claims data for pharmaceuticals. 

Our team of experts are thoroughly experienced in the pharmaceutical industry, with a vast understanding of the complexities of its supply chain components. We have specific expertise in manufacturing, delivery, and claims payments, creation and delivery of medication, and dispensing to patients. In addition to this expertise, we also have had participation in relevant FDA studies.

At Intelaform, we understand the costly and complicated payment modalities, and pride ourselves in proactively identifying fraud, waste, and abuse (FWA), as well as DSCSA process knowledge of data delivery across the supply chain. We are your partner! Contact us today to learn more.