Patient Safety through Pharmaceutical Management

Enhancing Pharmaceutical Management for compliance, safety, and satisfaction.


Why Intelaform?

The lack of a comprehensive database that can accurately assess claims often results in claims that go unaudited. This lack of pharmaceutical management compliance and responsibility is a direct threat to patient safety. Intelaform's proprietary database helps patients and those in the pharmacy ecosystem navigate such infrastructure weaknesses that exist within the pharmaceuticals industry.

What infrastructure weaknesses exist within the pharma industry?

 There is a lack of a comprehensive database that can identify non-accredited wholesalers, suspect products and manufacturers, and non-FDA approved prescriptions — and then process that information against submitted claims. The result of this: 5% - 6% of claims have never been audited.

How do new regulations impact pharmacies each year? 

When new regulations take effect, they add a layer of complexity for those in the pharmacy ecosystem to verify prescriptions. This makes it difficult for relevant stakeholders to stay current on new regulations, uphold compliance policies, and, ultimately, ensure patient safety.